IRS Order Point

Fresh food and quick service satisfy happy customers. The user-friendly interface of OrderPoint allows your staff to place customer’s order efficiently and minimize order mistake. With OrderPoint, you are projecting a strong professional image and satisfying your customer’s experience.


Business Range
If you are planning or running an F&B business such as Restaurant, Pub, Bistro, Cafeteria, Kopitiam, Food Court, Kiosk outlet or Catering Service. You should choose OrderPoint to manage your F&B Business.

Table Management
As the number of your customer’s group may change all the time, your staff can make the required adjustments directly on table plan, so you never lose track of your customers.

Ordering Management
Order taken by your staff at customer’s table will send directly to kitchen or bar. Through this way, the order mistakes are minimized and also reduced the time it takes for customers to get their orders.

Bill Management
The “Split Bill” or “Combine Bill” function provide customers the flexibility to pay as the way they like. Besides, it simplifies the staffs’ workload during the payment process.

Real-Time Reports
OrderPoint provides Real-Time reports to let you identify your profitability every day and gain valuable insights so that you could adjust your operations accordingly.

Package included:
1 unit of OrderPoint Software – Lifetime license
1 unit of iPad stand
1 unit of Thermal Receipt Printer
1 unit of Cash Drawer
1 unit of Router
* Terms & Conditions apply.

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